Access + Social Inclusion

Access + Social Inclusion

 (incorporating Learning Support Service and Assistive Technology)

Welcome to the IADT Access Office

The Access Office is committed to promoting equality in all its activities and aims to provide an environment free from discrimination and unfair treatment for all students.  At the heart of our mission and values lies a belief that the potential of all students needs to be recognized, respected and realized.  

What we do:

The Office aims to open up third level education to students from specific under-represented target groups including students with a disability/specific learning difficulty or those who have been economically or socially disadvantaged.  This involves working with local communities, national bodies and support bodies as well as directly with applicants and students. 

The Access Office is primarily concerned with:Making IADT more accessible and promoting equality of access to higher education for people with disabilities, mature students who previously had not the opportunity to access higher education, those facing social and economic barriers and minority groups.

Improving retention rates of students within IADT by helping them to complete their studies in a range of ways.Raising awareness of the rights and needs of all students.Integrating students into all areas of life in IADT. Assisting students in their preparation for and integration into third level education by providing confidential, personal support in an informal way.Continuing to offer practical advice during your time in IADTInterlinking between access students, student services, academic staff and college life.


Who we work with:

  • The Access Office coordinates the Assistive Technology Service and the Learning Support Service.
  • The Access Office works with a variety of groups to help facilitate access to higher education: Students, Staff, Other educational providers, local primary and second level link schools, Education and Training Boards and other Third Level Institutions External Voluntary, Statutory and Community groups.
  • The work of the Access Office can be categorized into three areas: pre-entry activities, post-entry supports and outreach work in the community.


What service we provide:

The Access Office provides a range of financial (e.g. Student Assistance Fund, the Fund for Students with Disabilities), academic and personal support for students attending IADT.  Our staff are available to meet students to discuss any issue either personal or academic.  All meetings follow clear guidelines on confidentiality.  We aim to provide:
Advice and practical support.A confidential and free service to all registered students.Guidance to potential students.


Who can register with the Access Office?

All registered IADT full-time student at undergraduate and postgraduate level who requires support can register with the Access Office.  It is particularly important that students clearly identify to IADT (via the Access Office) at the outset, any needs (e.g. in relation to disability, medical or psychological) that may impact on your academic progress.


What kind of support is available from the Access Office?

The Access Office will provide relevant up to date information on a wide variety of issues including grants and funding matters, disability issues and supports, learning support, assistive technology, examination accommodations, etc.
Supports include:

  • Support to new entrants in preparation and integration into college life.
  • Learning Support. Please see:
  • Examinations accommodations are available as appropriate and assessed through Writing and Research Support Service and Access Office. Applications must be approved by relevant Head of Department and Examinations office.
  • Seminars and topics relevant to all students on essay planning, research methods, note taking, time management, reading techniques, etc. Please see here.
  • Student Counselling, available through the IADT Student Counsellor. Please see here. 
  • Nurse and GP service, available through the IADT Student Health Centre. Please see here. 

How to contact the Access Office

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Access Officer:

Patricia Byrne

Location: Student Services Suite, Carriglea Building, IADT 

Phone: (01) 239 4628


Access Office Administrator:

Elena Somoza

Location: Room A108, Atrium Building, IADT


Phone: (01) 239 4922


The Learning Support Service (including Dyslexia Support):

Gillian Boland / Karen Cryan / Deirdre Daly

Location: Student Service Suite, Carriglea Building, IADT


Phone: (01) 239 4790


Assistive Technology: 

Colm Olwill

Location: Student Service Suite, Carriglea Building, IADT


Phone: (01) 239 4795

Office Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays only

















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